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Cities Skylines PS4: How to Zoom in and Out (Camera Controls)


Cities Skylines PS4: How to Zoom in and Out (Camera Controls)

How to Zoom in and out the Camera in Cities Skylines PS4

Cities Skylines allows you to build sprawling cities at your leisure. You’re going to get a ton of land to work with eventually, and it can become quite a lot to keep track of. As such, you’re right to be wondering how the heck you zoom in and out in the PS4 version. Console controls can be a tough one for games like these, can’t they?

In order to zoom in and out with the camera controls of the game, you simply need to hold L2 to zoom out, and R2 to zoom in. You can get very close to the ground level, which is awesome to get a feel for your city’s streets and for seeing citizens up close and personal. This, in particular, makes it easy to select cities to follow or rename if you want to. There’s of course a limit to how much you can zoom, but it’s good enough for you to be satiated by the camera, for sure.

Cities Skylines has a lot to it, so don’t be ashamed to come back to us if you need any more help with the game!

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