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Cities Skylines PS4: How to Speed Up Time (Fast Forward)


Cities Skylines PS4: How to Speed Up Time (Fast Forward)

How to Speed Up and Fast Forward Time in Cities Skylines PS4

Cities Skylines is your chance to prove that you, indeed, can be a better mayor than your actual one. It’s what Sim City fans everywhere have always wanted in a modern take on the genre. You’re going to be building up a city, and as such, it can take quite some time to accomplish this. Don’t worry, though. While Rome wasn’t built in a day, your city can be.

In order to speed up time and fast forward the game on PS4, you simply have to hold down L3. Each moment you hold it down, the game will speed up through three different levels. That’s it! If you want to pause the game, press L3 instead of holding it down. While controls are far more complicated on console, it’s all done pretty well provided you remember what you need to do. Be sure to utilize the pause capability often, as things will keep spending and goin’ without you even noticing. Speeding up time is a great way to not be totally bored while you wait for your city to be populated with citizens.

Cities Skylines is quite tough if you’re new, but fret not, Twinfinite’s here to help. Be sure to check back from time to time if you need help!

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