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Check Out the First 20 Minutes of City Shrouded in Shadow in This Let’s Play

City Shrouded in Shadow Ultraman


Check Out the First 20 Minutes of City Shrouded in Shadow in This Let’s Play

Oh no, they say he’s got to go, go go Godzilla!

City Shrouded in Shadow is Bandai Namco and Granzella’s upcoming action survival game. Japanese YouTuber Ushizawa has uploaded the first 20 minutes of the game, and it has us praying to the localization gods in hopes it’ll make its way overseas.

This game is probably a strong candidate for the “title least likely to be released in the West” award for 2017, and watching this gameplay clip drives home what a shame this is. City Shrouded in Shadow centers around an average man or woman trying to escape a fictional Japanese city (it’s pretty much Tokyo). The reason they’re trying to leave becomes evident early in the game. Pretty much every monster ever has decided to destroy the city and each other with no regard for the lives of the humans who live there.

Granzella was formed by Kazuma Kujo, who created the Disaster Report series when he was at Irem. While City Shrouded in Shadow doesn’t have anything to do with that series narratively, it channels the fear and frantic scrambling those games did. Instead of natural disasters though, you’re going to have to dodge Godzilla, Evangelion units, and Ultraman.

City Shrouded in Shadow is due to release in Japan on October 19, 2017. There’s no word of the game being released in any other market, but maybe we’ll get lucky and get at least a text localization.


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