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Why Bungie Is Doing the Right Thing By Blocking Third-Party Software in Destiny 2

Destiny 2


Why Bungie Is Doing the Right Thing By Blocking Third-Party Software in Destiny 2

For the good of the game.

Destiny 2 is slated to hit PC alongside consoles this fall, which should put a smile on the faces of many mouse and keyboard gamers. The only downside is that Bungie has locked out certain pieces of third-party software on PC. While this was announced to the dismay of many, it is a concerted effort to cut down on cheaters on the PC version of the title. While it will certainly limit the capabilities of those who stream or capture footage for YouTube, it will ultimately benefit the game and its community.

Addressed today on Bungie’s forums, the developers made the decision to block any software that inserts code into the game itself. The post clearly notes that this will improve the game’s performance, and it will also limit hackers’ ability to fiddle with the game’s code and assert a false dominance in Destiny 2’s online arenas.

The original Destiny didn’t come to PC for a myriad of reasons, but one that was often floated was that Bungie wasn’t confident it could cut down on cheaters on the platform, which would make the experience less enjoyable for everyone else. Console games are more difficult to hack and external software isn’t inserted into game’s code. There are cheaters, yes, but they are far less prevalent on the closed platforms. The team was also busy with the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Adding another platform to develop for would have proven too difficult.

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Bungie is taking the necessary steps to ensure that when Destiny 2 blasts onto this October, everyone who jumps in will have a fair and balanced experience. This is the developer’s first PC title in years. As the action MMO genre has risen in popularity on consoles, various games have displayed firsthand why the always online structure of such titles can be a major negative on PC.

The most recent example is The Division. While the game suffered from some balance and connection issues on console, the PC version was irreversibly hacked. Players were boosting themselves through zones that would have proved a challenge normally. With so many players utilizing exploits, glitches, and hacks, those who were trying to play the game the way it was intended suffered. The PC following for the game fell off incredibly quickly.

Bungie is going to want to keep its players engaged for as long as possible. Destiny 2 is set to follow the same release schedule as its predecessor, which means players can expect several expansions a year before the inevitable sequel evolves the series further. If one of the best ways to ensure pinnacle performance and a larger player base is to block certain pieces of software from being used within the game, then Bungie should, by all means, do it.


Streaming and capturing footage are not a necessary part of the game experience. Bungie is looking to release the best product they possibly can, which is important after the lackluster response to the original Destiny when it first launched.

Destiny 2 is improving on nearly every aspect of the original game, and with a more open ecosystem being thrown into the mix, Bungie is taking all necessary precautions to ensure that Destiny 2 has as smooth a launch as possible.

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