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5 Anime Movies That Need to Head West


5 Anime Movies That Need to Head West

Anime fans in the West need love too!

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Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game

5 Anime Movies That Need to Head West

Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game made headlines in Japan for its successful run in theaters. In only 9 weeks the movie was able to pull in more than 1 billion yen (just over 9 million USD). The run was considered so successful that the Shinjuku Piccadilly theater in Tokyo ran another special screening of the film with the three main voice actors in attendance. It’s proof that the film did well over seas but the real reason why the movie should come to the West is the simple fact that the anime is a beloved series here as well.

Kuroko’s Basketball is available on Crunchyroll and has overwhelmingly positive ratings. In a sea of sports centered anime that tend to fall flat, Kuroko’s Basketball has always managed to break the mold and stand out. It seems like the movie may capture that very same essence.

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