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All August 2017 VR Game Release Dates


All August 2017 VR Game Release Dates

Tons of new games this month.

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Dino Frontier, PSVR

August 2017 is looking like a good month for VR users, as a ton of new games are set to launch this month on all three major virtual reality platforms including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR.

One to look out for that happens to be launching the very first day of the month is Dino Frontier for PSVR. In this game the worlds of the Wild West and dinosaur era combine for a wacky and colorful simulation wherein you build and manage a frontier settlement in tabletop scale. Dinosaurs can be enemies, or even tools to use on your own ranch. You play as Big Mayor who is tasked with managing the town using motion controls through your hands. You can assign the settlers to do certain tasks to improve the town, but dangerous dinosaurs like Raptors or a classic T-Rex might make that a problem.

All of the other releases this month can be seen below, with those entering Early Access marked accordingly.

All August 2017 game releases:

Check out the next page for some other titles that might release this month, but are either marked for early/mid 2017, or an elusive “coming soon!”

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