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Agents of Mayhem: How to Sprint


Agents of Mayhem: How to Sprint

How to Sprint in Agents of Mayhem

You have a lot of different traversal abilities in Agents of Mayhem, many of which make you a world traveling maniac. You can jump multiple times, dash in the air, and even summon vehicles out of seemingly nowhere, but sometimes only the classics will do. And by classics, we mean the ability to sprint. Sprinting allows you to move about twice as fast as each agent’s normal pace and is great for navigating indoor environments quickly. While using a dash is faster, it can only be used once before you have to wait to use it again. Using sprint in between is much better.

Thankfully, Agents of Mayhem doesn’t toy with familiar action controls too much. To sprint you simply click the left thumbstick while moving. To stop sprinting, just stop moving. With certain upgrades to your agents, you can even add some abilities to your sprint to provide it with more utility outside of letting you get to point A or B faster.

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