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Agents of Mayhem: How to Melee


Agents of Mayhem: How to Melee

How to Melee in Agents of Mayhem

While you have tons of guns and other explosive weapons at your disposal in Agents of Mayhem, sometimes the only proper way to deal with a foe is to punch (or kick) them in the face. Thankfully, along with all of the other abilities at your disposal in the game, you can melee enemies if you really want to. Though we must warn you, many of the enemies punch back and, depending on the difficulty, can do a lot more damage than you.

To melee an enemy, just get within range and click in the right thumbstick. Your character will lash out with their own unique physical attack. Some characters do more damage than others, so it’s something to consider when choosing who to engage in fisticuffs with. Still, it’s quite a useful ability, especially during close quarters encounters or when you find yourself surrounded. Wide sweeping melee attacks in Agents of Mayhem can hit multiple enemies, making close-ranged crowd control a lot easier.

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