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Agents of Mayhem: How to Revive Agents


Agents of Mayhem: How to Revive Agents

How to Revive Agents in Agents of Mayhem

Having an Agent die during a mission in Agents of Mayhem can be a real bummer. It leaves you with one less person to switch to, and if they happened to have your favorite skills, you’ll have to continue the fight without them until you either complete the mission, fail, or decide to quit out. While switching between Agents can help them heal, that doesn’t do anything for the dead.

However, scattered throughout missions are these little items called Mayhem Fleurs. They look just like the purple fleur de lis that fans of Saints Row will instantly remember. Picking one up fully charges your Mayhem Ability, but it also revives downed Agents in your squad, allowing them to rejoin the fight without you having to back out of the game’s world.

Do note that just starting a mission will not revive anyone dead on your team. If you have someone down and you enter a new mission without returning to the Ark first, they will still be dead. So if you can’t get any enemies to drop a Mayhem Fleur, just return to base and come back into the world from there.

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