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Agents of Mayhem: How to Dash


Agents of Mayhem: How to Dash

How to Dash in Agents of Mayhem

The dash ability is something that many Agents in Agents of Mayhem have access to. It’s useful for dodging and evading damage, closing the distance between yourself and an enemy, or to make traversing the world much easier.

To dash in Agents of Mayhem, simply tap Circle/B. You can even dash sideways, so make good use of that ability when fighting powerful enemies such as Golems. It will make a world of difference. You can’t use it in rapid succession, so if you’re trying to use it in place of sprinting, don’t. However, it can make exploring higher areas much easier, for certain characters.

Characters that can dash while in the air are:

  • Fortune
  • Hollywood
  • Kingpin
  • Red Card
  • Yeti
  • Daisy

While there are some who can dash on the ground, and those who can dash on ground or in air, there are also a few that can’t dash at all. These select few use stealth instead, allowing them to go invisible for a set amount of time in order to lose the enemy. They are:

  • Rama
  • Oni
  • Scheherazade

Keep this in mind while forming your team of Agents before setting out for an operation in Agents of Mayhem.

For more on Agents of Mayhem don’t forget to keep it locked to Twinfinite.

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