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Agents of Mayhem: How to Change Mission Difficulty


Agents of Mayhem: How to Change Mission Difficulty

Adjust it to your level.

Changing Mission Difficulty in Agents of Mayhem

Whenever you want to go on a mission or operation in Agents of Mayhem, you’ll have the option to change up the difficulty setting if you feel that the game is too challenging at the moment. Before you can select your difficulty setting, however, you’ll need to embark a mission from the Ark.

Head over to the central terminal in the Ark’s main lobby to check a full list of missions and operations that are currently available to you. Once you’ve selected the one that you want to go on, you’ll be able to do a final check on your squad, select your members, and adjust the difficulty. Before embarking on the mission, select the difficulty option on your screen, and choose the level that you’re most comfortable with. However, do note that if you lower the difficulty, you’ll receive less experience points than usual, though enemies will be easier to deal with. On the flip side, increasing the difficulty level will also increase the amount of experience points and cash that you can earn through combat.

Once you’ve made your choice, back out of the menu and feel free to embark on your mission.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more tips, tricks, and information on Agents of Mayhem.

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