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Absolver: How to Heal and Restore Health


Absolver: How to Heal and Restore Health

How to Heal in Absolver

You will get hit in Absolver. In the beginning, this is an unavoidable fact as you slowly become acquainted with the game’s combat system and learn how to deal with multiple foes at once. Seeing as how challenge is at the core of the gameplay, one of the stats you’ll always want to pay attention to is your health. Once it’s drained you’ll be sent back to the nearest checkpoint (although you won’t lose your experience). With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure to heal your Prospect (Absolver’s title for new characters) so that they can survive whatever surprise opponent hops out from behind cover during your travels.

To heal your character you have a couple of options. The first is through victory. Every time you defeat an opponent, you regain a chunk of your lost health. This is why it’s a good idea to single out opponents and take them out one by one, allowing you to face each one with full (or as close to full) health as possible. For the most part, this should prove sufficient as long as you don’t find yourself surrounded (a situation that often leaves you bouncing between enemies as they kick you around).

If you just don’t have enough health to even attempt challenging an opponent, you can use your heal power. This is set to the left d-pad button as a default and uses up two shards (those glowing rocks on your back). Using Absolver’s heal power will slowly allow you to regain health. You can speed this up by dealing damage to others, but do note that if they happen to hit you back, the healing is interrupted, meaning you’ve just wasted two shards. So always be careful.

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