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Absolver Boss Guide: How to Beat Cargal & Kilnor


Absolver Boss Guide: How to Beat Cargal & Kilnor

How to Beat Cargal & Kilnor in Abolver

We’re not sure what relationship Cargal & Kilnor share (nor do we know which person is which), but this male and female fighting duo will prove to be one of your toughest challenges in Absolver. You’ll have to face both of them inside a barn and they will not let up so you need to keep your wits about you.

There are two things that you can use to your favor during this boss fight. The first is that there are two sets of stairs in the room. They don’t lead anywhere, but running up them then dropping down will give you a moment’s rest. The second is that the pair usually doesn’t attack at once. They swap in and out, though it’s quickly sometimes. So as long as you don’t get greedy, you should be able to avoid getting sneak attacked.

When it comes to who you should target first, just go with whoever advances on you first. Whether it’s Cargal or Kilnor, you’ll want to start breaking their guard and whittling away at their health. Don’t stay in too long, though. Get in a few solid hits then back away before the other attacks. Now focus on them and do the same. One thing you definitely want to do is lower their health equally as this will make the final phase of the fight much easier.

After taking out around 80% of their collective health, Cargal and Kilnor will draw swords. Now you can’t simply block swords like regular hits because they will still do some damage, and can easily take you down to zero health if you aren’t paying attention. The plus side is that their guard is more easily broken during this phase, so as long as you fight intelligently, you should be able to take them out quickly. If you really want the “You Were Like a Brother to Me” trophy/achievement (which requires having either one kill the other), just take them both down to a sliver of health and keep strafing around them. Eventually one of them will attack the other by mistake and get you your trophy.

It may take you a few tries, as they are both really powerful, but give it some time and practice and you’ll triumph over these Absolver bosses in no time.

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