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Absolver: How to Get More Shards


Absolver: How to Get More Shards

How to Get More Shards in Absolver

Shards are one of your combat resources in Absolver. They are those floating rocks you notice on your hip that recharge as you battle. They’re used to trigger powers or to equip your weapons during combat, so the more you have the better. Every Prospect (what Absolver calls a created character) starts off with two of these, just enough to power up the Heal power that you start off with. But, as you progress through the game, you’ll earn more powers and weapons that require more shards.

To obtain more Shards in Absolver, you simply have to keep playing and leveling up. This resource is directly tied to your level, so there’s no point in just searching for some lying around. Our first extra shard unlocked at level 10, so you have your work cut out for you (it took a lot of fights to get to that point). Don’t worry, though. As you may have noticed, fights don’t last all that long during Absolver, so you can easily grind yourself some levels in a single session, upping your Shard count and, by extension, your power on the battlefield.

Also note, that leveling up also nets you Attribute Points, so you’ll be boosting your stats while working towards more Shards. Not a bad deal if you ask us.

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