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Absolver: How to Change Stances & What They Do


Absolver: How to Change Stances & What They Do

How to Change Stances and What They Do in Absolver

If you’ve just started Absolver on either PS4 or PC, you may have noticed that combat has a lot of depth to it. You have combos, different styles, weapons, powers, special abilities, stamina maintenance and more. A key component that feeds into all of the above is stances.

Stances are quite literally how your character stands. That may not sound like much, but it actually affects what attacks you can do next. When you build your combos in the Combat Deck, you’ll notice that each move is assigned a starting stance and an end stance. Based on which move you did last, your options for what you do next will be limited based on what you place on those slots. Your stance also dictates what attack you throw out first.

You can, however, change your stances without throwing attacks as long as you’re in battle. When locked onto a target, hold down R2 and use the right stick to switch between Absolver’s four stances (you must be locked onto something to use this method). There are several reasons for why you may want to do this. Here’s an example based on my loadout.

In my top left stance, my starting attack is a strong, but slow, straight punch. And in my top right one is a quick jab that allows me to stop enemies mid attack. If I’m fighting a speedier foe, I would rather start with the faster attack, so I’d switch my stance to top left in that instance in order to get off an easy combo.

Always keep this in mind when playing Absolver. Your stances basically control your flow, so enter the Combat Deck often and make some tweaks to fine tune your approaches. And for more on Absolver, keep it locked to Twinfinite.

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