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Absolver: All Marked Ones Locations


Absolver: All Marked Ones Locations

All Marked Ones Locations in Absolver

There are six Marked Ones scattered throughout Absolver’s world that you must defeat in order to gain access to the Tower of Adal and fight the game’s final boss, Risryn. They’re pretty spread out, and can sometimes be hard to locate since navigating the various buildings, shore, and passages of Absolver’s world isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Below we’ve listed the location of each of them to hopefully make your life easier (you can fight them in any order).

Revario (The First of the Marked Ones) – You’ll need to head to the Hunting Path and follow the trail down from the Alter you can activate there. This guy is sitting under a tree and will approach you if you get too close. Defeating him unlocks Earthquake.

Angrel (Second of the Marked Ones) – Located in the Forgotten Temple. When you reach this area, head to the right of the temple to find a way to get in. He’s standing in the large open area you find. Defeat him to unlock the Shield Power.

Ama Saba (Third Marked One) – This one is found at the Bird Caller’s Outpost in a barn to the back, near a cliff. You can get lucky and just push Ama Saba off, or fight this foe fairly (your choice). Victory grants you the Exhaust Power.

Lamren (Fourth Marked One) – Head to Central Harbor and you’ll find the fourth of Absolver’s Marked Ones waiting for you in a small area. You will get the Shockwave Power once he’s killed.

Ristael (Fifth Marked One) – Located in the Coliseum, you need to head left after entering the area with the light that triggers the boss fight (Kuretz), and then climb the tower using the ramps. At the top, in a room overlooking the Coliseum, is Ristael who grants you Gravity after his defeat.

Dormek (Sixth Marked One) – The last of Absolver’s Marked Ones can be found in the Tower of Adal area (outside of the actual tower, since you can’t enter without defeating all of the bosses). When you enter the area and locate its Altar (it’s in front of a statue), Use the lower nearby door then head right. You’ll find Dormek in a lower area near some stairs. Defeating him earns you the Silence Power.

There you have it, the locations of all of Absolver’s Marked Ones. Good luck.

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