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8 Things We Learned Exploring Destiny 2’s EDZ


8 Things We Learned Exploring Destiny 2’s EDZ

So much to take in.

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Story Is in Everything

There’s a lot going on in Destiny 2’s open worlds. From public events that can change depending on what you do, to hidden treasure guarded by powerful foes. You can easily spend hours of your time simply searching every nook and crazy as well as shooting crazed aliens in the face. But there’s much more than just busy work this time around. While the first game tried to implement some story through its Grimoire (which was built up by killing enemies, collecting exotics, and finding Ghosts), Destiny 2 is going for a more direct approach, bringing the story right to the gameplay and letting players hear it happen as they embark on side missions.

Chief of these side missions are Adventures. These are self-contained bits of story that task players with completing various objectives within the open world. They’ll teach you things about the world itself, NPCs, history, and even expand on the main story being told in Destiny 2. They’re completely optional, and you do get a feel for the core narrative without them, but they definitely enrich the experience as a whole. There’s also lore on some gear that you can read in-game at any time (though preferably not while being shot at).

So, if you were rubbed the wrong way by having to use an app to get some lore the first time around, you’ll be pleased with how things work in Destiny 2’s various worlds. 

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