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You’ll See More of Crackdown 3 At This Year’s San Diego Comic-Con


You’ll See More of Crackdown 3 At This Year’s San Diego Comic-Con

There’s a Crackdown 3 panel happening at this year’s SDCC!

Looking forward to Crackdown 3? You’re not alone. The game’s appearance during E3 2017 wasn’t all for the franchise, either. It looks like there’s going to be additional information coming soon out of an upcoming panel scheduled for San Diego Comic Con this month.

According to Microsoft, “exciting new Crackdown 3 news” is on its way during the convention, and it will feature senior narrative designer Dave Mongan, senior art director Dave Johnson, and design director Clint Bundrick to discuss things about the upcoming action title along with one “special guest panelist.” You’ve got three guesses as to who that might be. It’s probably Terry Crews if we had to guest, especially considering he’s been confirmed to not have voiced Overwatch’s latest character Doomfist.

The panel will feature a special Q&A session for fans to get in on the action and will be moderated by Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson to you). It’s being held on Saturday, July 22 from 11 AM through 12 PM PT, and you can bet there’ll be some cool stuff coming out of the session that we didn’t know about previously.

Crackdown is coming to the Xbox One X this November as well as PC.



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