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You Can Preorder That Licensed Hori Splatoon 2 Headset Now

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You Can Preorder That Licensed Hori Splatoon 2 Headset Now

Does this headset make me look fresh?

If you plan on playing a whole lot of Splatoon 2 online (and honestly, why wouldn’t you?) you can finally go ahead and preorder that officially licensed headset from Hori and Nintendo we brought you not too long ago. It’s up for grabs right now for anyone who wants to stay fresh to death and up with the cool squids.

The Hori Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Splat & Chat Headset is going for $29.99 on Amazon, and it’s targeting a July 21 release alongside the game itself. The headset is supposed to modeled after the same one male Inklings wear in-game, but it doesn’t look too stylish in the real world, if it’s product image is any indication. But it’s not about fashion, it’s about utility, and the important thing is here you can use it to chat with teammates.

The headset itself seems as though it’ll be frustrating to set up, what with requiring the headset to plug into a splitter that you need to plug into both your Switch and your phone. Then you’ll need to use the Nintendo Switch Online app to put it all together. It’s not exactly the easiest setup out there, but if you’re going to be utilizing SplatNet 2 for all your online game needs in Splatoon 2 anyway, you may as well go all out.

If you’re ready to get your splat on, preorder the headset here and get ready for July 21. Don’t get cooked, stay off the hook!


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