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Undertale Heads to PS4 and PS Vita Next Month

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Undertale Heads to PS4 and PS Vita Next Month

Not so far off.

Undertale, the quirky indie RPG,  will arrive on Aug. 15 for PS4 and PS Vita. The date was announced via a new post on the PS Blog by the game’s creator, Toby Fox. In addition to announcing the date, Fox gave a cute Q&A that gives fans a look at the physical editions of the game, as well as the exclusive PS4 theme. Undertale will also be part of the cross-buy program, meaning you’ll get both the PS4 and PS Vita version of the game when you purchase.

Pre-orders for the physical and Collector’s Editions of the game have now opened on Fangamer, and Toby Fox gave us a nice overview of what comes in the CE, in his words.

  • Available in PS4 or PS Vita versions
  • Undertale Soundtrack with cover art by fan artist Cocoa Ando. Also, a couple tracks added, like the PS4 Theme background music
  • 24-page booklet featuring a re-illustration of the opening sequence by Temmie Chang! (She made those originally, you know…)
  • Reversible cover you’ll immediately regret realizing is reversible
  • Music Box Locket that was a pain to make because the previous factory kept making it off tempo
  • Undertale sheet music booklet featuring six songs with annotations by me that reveal their blatantly obvious inspirations

Undertale will be available for download on PS4 and PS Vita starting Aug. 15. Take a look at the dynamic PS4 theme you get by preordering the game down below.

Undertale Pre-order Theme | PS4

Pre-order Undertale at PS Store to get this PS4 theme, featuring a new song by creator Toby Fox. More details and a closer look at the physical collector's edition:

Posted by PlayStation on Tuesday, July 18, 2017




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