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There’s Actually An Update Out For Half-Life Right Now, 19 Years After Its Release


There’s Actually An Update Out For Half-Life Right Now, 19 Years After Its Release

Dig out your old Half-Life discs and get up to date.

There’s a new update for classic shooter Half-Life, but don’t jump to conclusions about Half-Life 3 just yet. In fact, put those party poppers away. Nothing crazy’s going on. It’s just an update for a game nearly two decades old, after all. Should you be on notice for something huge to pop off later on down the road, though? Probably not, but this is still very cool news if you’re a fan of the game at all. Half-Life is still a huge release, even years after it made its debut.

According to the official patch notes for the game, posted on July 10 by one Alfred, the update is meant to fix several crashes, namely those that occur when players set custom decals, when changing consumable weapons, and various other conditions. Certain players were credited in the patch notes, noting those who discovered the issues in the first place. Of course, as you’d expect, most of the commenters are taking these updates as a sign that Half-Life 3 has all but been confirmed.

Half-Life: Blue Shift and Half-Life: Opposing Force were also patched in the same manner, so if you’re looking to get back into Half-Life with your yearly “pray to Gaben to release Half-Life 3” missive, now’s a great time since several frustrating bugs seem to have been resolved. It’s not news of an impending sequel, but seeing signs of life in the Half-Life arena is still decidedly better than nothing at all. Someday we’ll be bringing you that kind of golden news you’re looking for, but today is unfortunately not that day.


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