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The Best Game of June 2017


The Best Game of June 2017

Which game reigned supreme last month?

The Best Games of June 2017

dirt 4 screenshot

Honorable Mention: Dirt 4

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Starting with a couple of honorable mentions, check out the Twinfinite’s Staff picks for our best games of June 2017 which includes of course, our Game of the Month!

Staff Writer Tom Hopkins: Dirt 4 manages what very few track based driving games do. It combines challenging yet accessible gameplay with an almost endless amount of content. Other racers suffer from repetitiveness due to the limited number of tracks and a desire to make a career mode seem more robust than it is. However, Dirt 4’s Your Stage features ensures that Codemasters’ new game never suffers from the same issue.

It allows you to build a unique course by adjusting one slider for length and another for complexity, with the game doing the rest of the work for you. Within minutes you have a brand new stage to test your skills on and add to an already impressively lengthy and diverse career mode. You can then jump online to race against other drivers on the pre-set variety of courses and you can tweak your team to ensure that your setup is the best it can be. There is an incredible amount of content to enjoy in Dirt 4.

Codemasters’ game is also beautiful to look at. From the dusty fields of rural America to the twisting ice paths in Sweden, the detail is stunning. Mud or snow builds up on the back of the car as a stage progresses, and fallen leaves flutter whenever you let the back end drift a little too far. Dirt 4 is both Codemasters best looking and deepest game to date, making a must play for any racing fan.

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