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Superhot PlayStation 4 and VR Release Date Announced

SUPERHOT, xbox one

Superhot PlayStation 4 and VR Release Date Announced


Superhot was originally released back in 2016 on the PC and was critically acclaimed for its unique take on the first-person shooter genre. The game later saw a release on the Xbox One but PlayStation gamers were left out in the cold. It has now finally been revealed that Superhot is coming to the PlayStation and it’s coming very soon.

Sony has announced via the official PlayStation Blog that both the main game and it’s stand alone expansion Superhot VR are set to be released on the PlayStation 4 and PS VR this Friday on July 21. European gamers get it a bit earlier on July 19 and Australian gamers get it earlier still where it’s released today (July 18).

Both the Superhot games will be available to buy individually for $25 / £20 / AU $38, or you can buy them as part of the Mind is Software bundle and get a few bucks off at $40 / £33 / AU $60. PlayStationj Plus members can pre-order them for a 20% discount.

Sony has stated that Superhot VR has been redesigned to take full advantage of the PlayStation Move and DualShock 4. No doubt many PlayStation gamers have been eager to try out the hit game and now that chance is finally here.

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