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Steven Universe: Save the Light Gets a New Trailer at SDCC 2017

Steven and Greg Universe

Steven Universe: Save the Light Gets a New Trailer at SDCC 2017

And I’m never going down at the hands of the likes of you because I’m so much better.

Steven Universe: Save the Light got a showing at San Diego Comic-Con with a new trailer by Cartoon Network Games and Grumpyface Studios. This new trailer confirms the inclusion of some fusion characters and Periodot as a playable character. We’re super excited to see more of this sequel to the mobile title Steven Universe: Attack the Light.

It’s hard not to get Paper Mario vibes from this RPG, and it looks like the enemy placement on the battlefield will figure into combat heavily. We got a chance to see a bit of gameplay on the field as well, and it looks like solving puzzles and using various items to progress will be a big part of the game.

The trailer also highlighted a few new faces. Several fusion characters from the show were present. In Steven Universe, Gems have the special (but somewhat taboo) ability to fuse into more powerful forms. Here we get to see Steven and Connie fuse into Stevonnie, Amethyst, and Pearl join to form Opal, and Pearl and Garnet combine into Sardonyx.

Peridot will also be joining the list of playable characters. In the show shes a tinkerer, and in Save the Light she looks to be putting that skill to use by making turrets to attack her foes. We also got to see one of the villains of the game: Squaridot. Squaridot is a variation of the Peridot Gem line and is working alongside the yet-to-be-revealed main villain of the game.

Steven Universe: Save the Light doesn’t have a firm release date yet. However, we do know we’ll see it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this year.


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