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RuneScape Will Release on Mobile With Cross-Play Support With PC

Runescape on mobile

RuneScape Will Release on Mobile With Cross-Play Support With PC

Live through junior high all over again with Old-School Runescape and Runescape on mobile.

RuneScape, the MMO that just won’t die is moving off computers for the first time in its 16 year lifespan. Soon you’ll be able to play both RuneScape and Old-School RuneScape on iOS and Android according to developer Jagex. Old-School RuneScape will release first sometime this Winter, with the regular version following after. Cross-play with PC will be fully supported, which means that fans can look forward to a new renaissance for the game.

With cross-play, you’ll be able to logout on PC and immediately pick up play on Old-School and the current RuneScape on your mobile device. Jagex stated that the game will become the first mainstream Western MMORPG titles on mobile to deliver fully-functional cross-play between PC and mobile.

If you thought the game had gone down years ago, no one would blame you. It’s astounding that the free-to-play title with an optional subscription has outlasted the competition. With two versions available, Old-School RuneScape which is a fork of the 2007 version of the game, and the current iteration, you get two MMOs for the price of one (even though they’re both free).

Both games get regular updates and support and have active and vocal communities. The upcoming mobile versions of the game should only bring even more expansions and new content to the title in the future.


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