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Let’s Rank the Final Fantasy Series’ Versions of Ivalice From Worst to Best


Let’s Rank the Final Fantasy Series’ Versions of Ivalice From Worst to Best

Which version of Ivalice is best?

6. Vagrant Story

Ivalice is a world returend to many times throughout the Final Fantasy series, and it’s come in different forms, even being featured in an upcoming patch for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. It’s almost always a rich world filled with lore and story, as well as links to the other versions of Ivalice. We’re going to take a look at which version of Ivalice is best, based on how well it fleshes out its world and uses it to strengthen the story.

Vagrant Story isn’t a Final Fantasy game and for a long period it wasn’t clear that the game was set in Ivalice. But in 2004, the game’s director Yasumi Matsuno, who also directed FF Tactics and XII, confirmed that it was in fact set there. The title takes place on the continent of Valendia, a location also named in Final Fantasy XII. You play as Ashley Graham, a Riskbreaker or special agent in service to the Valendia Knights of Peace.

Although you may not straight up see Ivalice in Vagrant Story, the game contains a fascinating self-contained story. Playing it after Matsuno confirmed the game’s setting also allows you to see a much different side of the world the Final Fantasy series loves to return to. There’re even some fun nods between games like how one of the clan ranks you can get in XII is called Riskbreaker, and it’s also mentioned that Valendia was one of the territories that Raithwall conquered in the past of Ivalice.

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