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Pokémon Go Legendaries are Glitching into Noodle Monsters

Pokémon Go Lugia and Articuno Glitch

Pokémon Go Legendaries are Glitching into Noodle Monsters

I don’t choose you.

Pokémon Go finally got legendaries in the latest update, but even with a whole year since launch to get this right, Niantic dropped the ball. Reports from Twitter are showing a nasty glitch is turning these majestic Pokémon into a boneless mess.

Lugia and Articuno have made their way into the game so far, with more legendary Pokémon coming soon, and they’re both affected by this bug. As you can see from the screens from Japanese player sumika920, Instead of the powerful Psychic/Flying-type we’re used to, we’re treated to a bootleg imitation.

Unfortunately, Articuno lovers are in for a bad time too. Player omkar_bhatkande has an Articuno basically fold itself up and float away. Of course, this prevented him from catching the ultra rare Poké.

What’s going on with legendaries in Pokémon Go? Niantic hasn’t said yet, but one thing is for sure: with time running out to catch these two, this glitch is going to cause a panic for many a trainer.


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