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Pokemon GO: How to Get Moltres


Pokemon GO: How to Get Moltres


Articuno and Lugia have been available to battle in Raids and catch in Pokemon GO for a few days but Niantic has confirmed that the other legendary birds from Generation One, including Moltres, will come to the game soon.

Moltres, however, is not a Pokemon you will simply find minding its own business outside your house. For this one, you will have to take it on in a Gym Raid Battle alongside up to 19 other trainers. As of the time of writing, you only need a regular Raid Pass to challenge Legendary Raids like Articuno and Lugia in Pokemon GO, but in the near future you may need Legendary Passes. You can get regular passes for 100 Poke Coins, so make use of them while you can. You’ll be notified of an upcoming raid by an in-app message, and there will also be a notification letting you know when the battle has gone live, providing you with plenty of time to prepare. The legendary raid boss’ CP will be over 30,000, so you’ll need a lot of fire power to take it out.

After defeating Moltres in battle, you will be given premier balls to capture it (the amount depends on your performance in the raid), as well as having access to your berry collection (golden razz-berries will be very helpful). At the time of writing, the catch success rate is somewhere around two or three per cent, so catching it will be tough.

You will be able to find Moltres, the Team Valor legendary bird, on Monday, July 31 in Pokemon GO and it will be available through Monday, August 7. Once those dates have passed, you will no longer be able to find Moltres in gyms as it will be replaced by another legendary Pokemon. Therefore, you’ll need to be on the look out at all times during that week so that, hopefully, you’ll have another space in your Pokedex filled by the end of it.

That is how you get Moltres in Pokemon GO. For more on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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