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Pokemon GO: How to Get Lugia


Pokemon GO: How to Get Lugia

How to Get Lugia in Pokemon GO

After a year of waiting, Niantic has finally added legendary Pokemon into the roster for their popular Pokemon GO mobile game. So far, the developers have only released two of these powerful creatures into the wild: Articuno and Lugia. They don’t work like regular Pokemon, though, so you can’t expect to stumble across one during your morning jog, or while sitting at your desk. These two legendary beasts require a whole lot of work to claim. For this guide, we’ll be taking a look at how to get Lugia in Pokemon GO.

The only way to encounter Lugia in the game is during a Raid Battle. A Legendary Egg will appear over a Gym in your area and you’ll receive a location and a time letting you know when it’s going to hatch. Get a team ready, you’re going to need a lot of players to take down this powerful creature which has over 40,000 CP. You’ll only have around an hour to defeat the foe, so bring your strongest Pokemon and hope that everyone else does the same. If you emerge victorious, it’s time to actually catch the creature.

Legendary Pokemon have a very low catch success rate, so make sure to bring some Golden Razz Berries and don’t try to use a regular Poke Ball. With any luck you’ll have a fancy Lugia to show off in Pokemon GO.

Do note that right now you only need regular Raid Passes to enter the legendary raid, but there may be Legendary Passes in the future that will be required. Also, Lugia and other Legendary Pokemon can’t be used to defend Gyms (for obvious reasons) in Pokemon GO, but you can use them to attack. Good luck.

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