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Pokemon GO: How to Get Articuno


Pokemon GO: How to Get Articuno

How to Get Articuno in Pokemon GO

Articuno, one of the original legendary Pokemon from the first games, is now available to catch in Pokemon GO. However, this powerful bird isn’t just roaming around your backyard or chilling in some supermarket. Instead, you’ll have to bring a lot of firepower along with some other players if you’re to have any hope of catching this beautiful creature. That’s because the only way to get Articuno in Pokemon GO is to first beat it in a Legendary Raid then hope your Poke Ball can seal the deal for you.

First things first, right now you only need a regular Raid Pass to challenge Legendary Raids like Articuno in Pokemon GO, though in the near future you may need Legendary Passes. But you can still get regular passes for some Poke Coins, so make use of them while you can. You’ll be notified of an upcoming raid, and you’ll see the egg appear over a Gym. There will also be a notification letting you know when the battle will go live, providing ample time to prepare. Make sure you take preparing for Articuno seriously as it has over 30,000 CP and will definitely test your limits. All players showing up should bring their best as you only have a set amount of time to actually claim victory before you have to wait again.

Upon victory, though, the quest to get an Articuno in Pokemon GO isn’t over yet. You still have to actually catch it. They have a very low chance of being caught so anything you can bring to make your life easier should be used (like Golden Razz Berries and something other than a standard Poke Ball). With any luck, you’ll find your Pokedex counter reading one Pokemon higher and you’ll be the proud owner of Articuno, the legendary Pokemon.

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