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Overwatch Lead Writer Confirms the Teased Zarya Comic


Overwatch Lead Writer Confirms the Teased Zarya Comic


Zarya fans are in for a treat now that Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu has confirmed that her comic is actually official! Replying to a fan on the game’s forum, he mentioned that the “upcoming Zarya comic is not a rumor.” Strangely enough, the teaser image at SDCC shows the Russian soldier protecting an omnic from some unseen forces. Zarya has been pretty vocal in the game about her hatred against the omnics, so it’s a bit odd that she would actually be defending one.

Incidentally, Sombra’s logo is also etched in the background which hints that she might have a part to play in the upcoming comic. In the Infiltration cinematic, we witnessed the hacker blackmailing the CEO of Volskaya Industries, Katya Volskaya, with images of her dealing with some omnics for their technology. Later, Katya calls in Zarya with the possible intention of planning a counterattack against Sombra.

Blizzard has yet to reveal when they plan to release the upcoming Overwatch comic. Until then, you can read Masquerade which features the Talon crew.


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