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Overwatch Might Be Getting Weapon Skins Soon and the New League Is Likely the Reason Why


Overwatch Might Be Getting Weapon Skins Soon and the New League Is Likely the Reason Why

Good news if you’re not a fan of the golden guns

Overwatch fans are a particularly attentive bunch. When Blizzard released a teaser video showing off the creation of their latest hero, Doomfist, they probably didn’t expect gamers to notice that some of the heroes’ weapons looked a bit unusual. Of course, this is Blizzard we’re talking about so it could have been their intention all along to drop the weapons in the preview trailer to cleverly tease an upcoming, new feature for the game. Just look at all the small ways they have teased new heroes in the past. But whether it was intentional or a complete accident, it doesn’t really matter at this point.


About 3 minutes and 59 seconds into the Doomfist preview, Reddit user Good_samartian spotted Soldier: 76 and Sombra defending the point with some rather unusual looking weapons. Reddit user Nyxxic took the time to slow the video down and grab screenshots of the new weapons as well. Soldier: 76’s gun appears to have some sort of heat coil added to it and Sombra’s gun is lime green despite the fact that she’s wearing her base skin. The Overwatch community has been buzzing with many players suggesting weapon skins could be making their way to the game soon. Players already have the option of switching their base weapons out with shiny gold ones after they earn enough competitive points so it doesn’t seem like integrating new weapon skins would be an unusual thing for Blizzard to do. With the progression of Overwatch’s official eSports league, however, it seems even more likely.

Other major games in eSports give teams a way to make some extra money through micro transactions made by their fans. Games like CS:GO and League of Legends give their biggest teams custom skins, emotes and other cosmetics that their fans can purchase. The teams then receive a portion of those micro transactions coming from fans buying cosmetics that embrace their team’s insignia, colors or just otherwise stand out as exclusive content. That could be exactly what these new skins are for. Weapon skins were insanely successful for CS:GO and it doesn’t seem like a bad idea for Blizzard to add that feature to Overwatch. The Overwatch community has been a pretty excitable group when it comes to new cosmetics so not giving the eSports teams a chance to get in the action while also adding new weapon skins just seems like it would be a misstep on Blizzard’s part.

For now, however, we have no idea if new weapons skins will be on the way or if they will be a way for fans to feel connected to their favorite eSports team in the official Overwatch League. All we can do is hope and dream until Blizzard decides to speak out on the rapidly spreading rumors of weapon skins on the way.

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