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Overwatch League Players Guaranteed to Earn At Least $50k/Year Plus Benefits

Overwatch League

Overwatch League Players Guaranteed to Earn At Least $50k/Year Plus Benefits

Another step forward for the league.

Today Blizzard revealed details on the Overwatch League’s player salaries and other regulations and standards for contracts.

ESPN Esports and VentureBeat have reported that Overwatch League and team owners agreed to a minimum contract of $50,000 per year that will last for one year with a second year option (unclear if this is a player or team option). Any contracts currently ongoing with any Overwatch teams must be renegotiated to participate in the league. All players will have access to employer-sponsored health insurance and a retirement plan.

This news further advances the narrative that Blizzard is going all-in to make Overwatch League a premiere esports attraction with a structure that is recognizable to traditional sport fans. Teams will be based in cities (rather than brands) and will open to all pros around the world, much like the four major sports in the United States.

Esports in general has had a shady history of murky player financing details and plenty of examples of teams folding abruptly, and not paying their players. However, with $20 million dollar buy-in price for team owners, and now the announcement of minimum salaries and benefits for Overwatch pros, the industry seems to be taking a turn toward a more stable future.

Are you buying into the idea that Overwatch League can be a major attraction in the United States and around the world? Let us know in the comments.

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