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Overwatch Director Reveals Quick Play Win Rates for Some Maps

Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch Director Reveals Quick Play Win Rates for Some Maps

Surprisingly fair.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan revealed the win rates of attack and defense teams on two-point control maps today, in response to a question on the game’s official forum asking for that exact information. Check out the stats Kaplan provided below.

  • Dorado – Attack 49.66%, Defense 50.34%
  • Eichenwalde – Attack 46.13%, Defense 53.87%
  • Hanamura – Attack 49.79%, Defense 50.21%
  • Hollywood – Attack 49.91%, Defense 50.09%
  • Horizon – Attack 54.50%, Defense 45.50%
  • King’s Row – Attack 50.14%, Defense 49.86%
  • Numbani – Attack 49.40%, Defense 50.60%
  • Route 66 – Attack: 49.94%, Defense 50.06%
  • Temple of Anubis – Attack 49.92%, Defense 50.08%
  • Volskaya – Attack 49.76%, Defense 50.24%
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar – Attack 50.13%, Defense 49.87%

The data only covers the Quick Play mode from May 14 to July 12, but could mean at least a million matches per day if not more, since Overwatch has over 30 million players and its huge one-year anniversary event took place during that time. The stats are a small sample, but relatively fair between attacking and defending teams.

The only maps that are outliers are Eichenwalde and recently released Horizon Lunar Colony. Despite the slightly skewed percentage, Kaplan thinks the two maps are not “grossly unbalanced.”

“We’ve had periods in the early release and beta of the game where maps were skewed as bad as 30/70,” Kaplan wrote later in the forum. “When a map gets close to 40/60, most players perceive it as balanced. So being within 4-6% of 50/50 is still pretty good.”

Kaplan also said the team has talked about making changes to Horizon Lunar Colony, but will “give it more time before doing anything drastic.”


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