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Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 – Episode 1 Story Summary


Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 – Episode 1 Story Summary

Journey to the deep.


Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Episode 1 Story Summary

minecraft: story mode, season 2

Minecraft: Story Mode season 2 opens with a voiceover by Lukas. He begins a brief narration of the events that had occurred in season 1, and it’s soon revealed that he’s been writing a book about the gang’s adventures. Lukas intended to have the book ready for a reading on Founder’s Day in Beacontown, but he was unable to complete it in time.

Olivia, Axel, and Jesse are all present in Jesse’s office in Beacontown. At this point, we find out that the gang has all gone their separate ways since defeating the Witherstorm in season 1. Jesse’s the only one who lives in Beacontown at the moment, and it’s clear that it’s been a while since all of them have gathered together, or even gone on an adventure.

We’re also introduced to Radar, Jesse’s new intern. Jesse is officially designated the “Hero in Residence” in Beacontown, but she’s really more of a boss or a mayor who keeps things running in the city. Radar tells Jesse that Petra’s waiting for her in the mines, and the other three start to take their leave. Jesse can make a comment on their departure, choosing to either be understanding, or a little upset that they don’t spend much time together anymore.

In Beacontown, Jesse can interact with several citizens, helping with their preparations for Founder’s Day before going to meet Petra in the mines.

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