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Minecraft: How to Enchant Items with Curse of Binding and What it Does


Minecraft: How to Enchant Items with Curse of Binding and What it Does


In Minecraft, you can perform a variety of curses that change how the player uses an item or how that item interacts with the world. One of those curses, The Curse of Binding, makes it so that once an item that has been cursed is worn by a player in Survival mode, it can not be removed until the item breaks or the player dies.

You can use any enchantment table or anvil, as well as Minecraft’s game command system to add this enchantment to any piece of armor, such as helmets, chest plates, leggings or boots. Once the cursed item is worn by a player, the Curse of Binding will take effect and the player will not be able to remove it.

To curse an item using an enchantment table you will need three lapis lazuli as well as the table. To use the table, press the left trigger if you’re using a console version of Minecraft, or right click if you’re on PC. Place the item you want to enchant in the first box and the lapis lazuli in the second. The enchantment options will then appear on the right-hand side for you to select. If you are using an Anvil, you will need an Enchanted Book rather than the lapis lazuli, but the process is exactly the same. Place the items in the boxes in the same order and you will enchant the weapon or piece of armor.

The maximum level for the enchantment is Level 1, which means that you can only enchant an item with up to Curse of Binding I, and no higher.

If you are entering commands in Minecraft to perform actions, ‘/enchant @p binding_curse 1’ is the input you need to type.

That is how you enchant items with The Curse of Binding in Minecraft. For more on the game, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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