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Mega Maker Available for Download to Make Your Own Mega Man Levels

Mega Maker Stage Creator

Mega Maker Available for Download to Make Your Own Mega Man Levels

Get mega creative with the Mega Maker Mega Man stage creator.

Mega Maker has released, and you can download it now to start making your own Mega Man levels. This level designer works similarly to Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker and gives users all the tools they need to make a classic 8-bit era Mega Man stage. You better get it quick too, because it’s DMCA bait.

You get a wide variety of assets to make your levels, and the user interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to use. If you’ve ever made a level in Super Mario Maker, then you’ll already be familiar with the way Mega Maker works. For those that haven’t had experience with Nintendo’s level-builder, there’s a great tutorial where Dr. Wily and Dr. Light teach you how to use the design tools.

As of the initial 1.0 release Mega Maker has:

  • 46 enemies
  • 29 level objects
  • 12 bosses
  • 24 special weapons
  • 40 backgrounds
  • 129 tilesets
  • 63 music tracks

A lot of these assets are clones of those in Mega Man 1-6, so when you design a level well, it will look indistinguishable from the real thing. However, when it comes to DMCAs, imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery, and given the history of fan projects like Mega Maker being shut down, I’m surprised they even made it to release without a cease and desist.

Barring legal action by Capcom, the team behind Mega Maker plans to continue development. There’ll be bug patches, and new assets and features added down the road. Also, the application has internet capabilities, so you can upload your levels for others to play. Hopefully, the servers get a chance to stay up so we can get some awesome fan made stages to check out.


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