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Layton’s Mystery Journey: How to Solve the ‘Care For a Cake’ Puzzle

layton's mystery journey

Layton’s Mystery Journey: How to Solve the ‘Care For a Cake’ Puzzle

Katrielle Layton is on the case to find her lost father, Professor Layton, who has gone missing. It’s up to Katrielle to solve the case and help other citizens of London in the process. Like other titles in the series, Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy has tons and tons of difficult puzzles to solve, including the first one that you encounter called “Care for a Cake.”

The first puzzle is found in chapter 1 outside the Layton Detective Agency and it involves the letter “K” falling off of the cake shop sign. The puzzle tasks you with putting three triangles into a shape of a “K” by rotating them and placing them accordingly.

First, grab the bigger triangle of the three and place it flat against the middle right side of the box, so the point is facing west. The other triangles are going to be placed on the middle of the bottom wall and the middle of the top wall. The bottom triangle should be in an “L” shape while the top one should be in an upside down “L” position. Putting these shapes just like this should make the blank space in the box look like a capital “K”, causing you to finish and complete the puzzle

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