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Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Release Date


Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Release Date

PS4 Release Date for Kingdom Hearts III

After years of waiting and wondering if it will ever actually release, Kingdom Hearts III is starting to feel a whole lot more real. During 2017’s D23 expo, it was revealed that the upcoming sequel to the Square Enix/Disney RPG is set for a 2018 release date on the PS4. This was after showing off new gameplay and cutscenes in the newest announced Disney world for the game, Toy Story.

Unfortunately, Square Enix and Disney have yet to provide a more specific PS4 release date or even a more specific launch window. Kingdom Hearts III would definitely make a great holiday release, but it can also serve as a Spring release like Kingdom Hearts 2.8 did this year. Hopefully, we’ll get something a bit more accurate than just an entire year for the release date, at which point we’ll be sure to update you.

Kingdom Hearts III is the much-awaited sequel that is set to close out Xenahort saga. It picks up from where Dream Drop Distance left off, with Sora having undergone new training and a new quest to find the seven guardians of light. Players will also be introduced to the 13 darknesses that will serve as your enemies. Be aware, though, that not all characters are as they seem and there are plenty of twists and turns in store for fans and new players alike.

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