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Hitman Update 1.12.1 For July Reduces Xbox One Load Times And More

Hitman Agent 47 in crowded market

Hitman Update 1.12.1 For July Reduces Xbox One Load Times And More

The July Hitman patch makes things a bit easier, and fixes a toilet.

Hitman received a new patch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC which brings some quality of life improvements for the game. IO Interactive released the update today, and the two biggest changes are reduced load times for the Xbox One and an easier unlock process for Professional difficulty.

Other changes the new patch brought to Hitman are smaller, but still very welcome. NPC enemies now have a slower fire rate with pistols and Agent 47 takes less damage ad medium-to-long range. You also now recover health a bit faster which helps with some of the more challenging contracts.

Other fixes include:

  • The mini-map now displays the “Unconscious Witness,” “Trespassing,” and “Hostile Area” statuses correctly.
  • The game now will recheck if you’ve reached level 20 when you launch it to correct some previous issues with trophies and achievements being awarded.
  • Trophy descriptions on the PlayStation 4 have been updated to correct mistakes and typos.
  • Fixed an issue where the Opportunity Marker could disappear after saving and loading the game.
  • Fixed an issue with a prompt that could make it easy for players to inadvertently cancel the connection process and begin the game in Offline Mode.
  • Guards will no longer repeatedly drop weapons they find on the ground.
  • Fixed the issue with the toilet in Marrakesh behaving erratically.

This update will help pave the way for next month’s new challenges and content. What exactly IO Interactive has in store for Hitman fans in August isn’t known yet, but we’ll find out soon.


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