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Here’s When Max Brass Is Bursting Onto the Scene in ARMS

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Here’s When Max Brass Is Bursting Onto the Scene in ARMS

You’ll be playing as Max himself soon enough!

We’ve known about Max Brass making his debut as a playable character in ARMS for quite some time, but we weren’t quite able to nail down a date just yet. With the game’s sizable update that’s poised for release next week, we’ll be welcoming Max Brass into the fold as a playable character as of July 12. Just in time for you to do some warmups with the regular game and get ready to play as the boss himself.

You can already square off against Max Brass if you’re so inclined, as he’s already a miniboss in the game proper. You might have already faced off against him and fell victim to his fists of fury, and if you’ve already been that far you know how awesome he’s going to be to play as. He’s got some awesome hard rock theme music, powerful charge attacks, and an ARM that looks a little like a grenade. Long story short, he’s going to mess up your opponents fun time.

This is the first of regularly scheduled free DLC drops that ARMS players can expect going down the line, so as Max brings the roster of characters up to 11, you can look forward to even more fighters filling up the list coming soon. Of course, no one’s ever going to be able to top Twintelle, that’s for sure.


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