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8 Great Video Game Companions That Will Always Have Our Back


8 Great Video Game Companions That Will Always Have Our Back

Not exactly your average escort missions.

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Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite)

Elizabeth, Bioshock Infinite

Debuting in BioShock Infinite, Elizabeth is a young woman who had been imprisoned in Monument Tower for all her life. Her life took a surprising turn when protagonist Booker DeWitt was tasked with traveling to Columbia, finding Elizabeth, and bringing her to New York to “clear his debts.” During their journey, however, Booker began to realize that Elizabeth was no ordinary girl and that she houses spectacular powers that can manipulate the rift of time itself. At first, Elizabeth may come off as a free-willed girl with a childlike curiosity due to being secluded all her life. However, she is far from naive and is actually quite witty and sarcastic given the proper situations.

Throughout the game, she shows her fierce determination and courage by aiding Booker during the midst of deadly fire fights. When it seems like you’re finally out of ammo, Elizabeth will call you from the sidelines and throw you some more firepower to fight back. She also has the power to open Tears – rips in dimensional time and space – to “summon” things like rocket turrets or skyhooks to give Booker an advantage in battle. Outside of combat, she can also pick locks to find loot if she has the resources, like lockpicks, at her disposal. Considering these factors, Elizabeth is far from your typical damsel-in-distress and is one of the best reliable video game companions to have around.

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