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Check Out 23 Minutes of Ferocious Battles in New Monster Hunter World Footage


Check Out 23 Minutes of Ferocious Battles in New Monster Hunter World Footage

Clash of titans.

Monster Hunter World was one of the biggest surprises at this year’s E3, showing off an expansive open world and reworked systems of the series. A behind-closed-doors demo was shown off at the show, which Capcom has now released to the public in a 23 minute gameplay video.

In the video a hunter is tasked with taking down a brand new monster in a dense forest, a T-Rex-like creature known as the Anjanath. What follows is a lengthy process that has the hunter tracking down the beast, setting traps, and clashing with it in battle. The demo shows off quite a few of the new enhancements coming to Monster Hunter World, like tracking your mark with Scoutflies, using the new Slinger tool to climb faster and grapple onto objects, and more. The highlight of the demo though, comes with how the Anjanath engages with other beasts populating the world. Monsters are territorial and the new open world of the game means you’re quite likely to see two giants completely ignore you and try to take each other down instead. Take a look at the full gameplay video down below.

Monster Hunter World is currently scheduled to release in Early 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release following sometime after that. While you’re at it, make sure to look at some of the biggest changes coming to Monster Hunter World from what we saw at E3.



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