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Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Don’t Procrastinate on Clearing More Blocks

Tips and Tricks for Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

futurama: worlds of tomorrow

In the beginning in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, there will certainly seem like far better ways to spend your time than clearing blocks of land. There are new characters to unlock, new buildings to toss up, and space missions to go on. Clearing blocks to expand your city is something that can easily slip to the back of your mind, but that’s the last thing you want to do.

Once you start to make a certain amount of progress in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, you will find yourself wanting (and needing) to set up multiple new buildings just to accomplish one task. If you haven’t been clearing space throughout your time with the game, this will run you into a bit of a stalemate as far as how you spend your time. Before you know it, you will run out of space and you’ll have nowhere to place the new buildings. This means you’ll have to clear one block at a time, which takes a few hours unless you want to sacrifice some pizza slices, or you’ll have to purchase new worker robots so you can have more than one space getting cleared at a time.

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