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Fortnite: How to Get Mythic Heroes


Fortnite: How to Get Mythic Heroes

How to Get Mythic Heroes in Fortnite

In addition to a variety of different classes and subclasses in Fortnite, heroes also have different levels of rarity. If you’re thinking these different levels of rarity are just to show you how lucky you are to get a certain hero in Fortnite, it’s important to realize that there’s more going on than that. The more rare a hero is, the better base stats they have. This means you’re already starting out with impressive stats that still have tons of room for improvements and upgrades.

The rarest hero you can get in Fortnite is the Mythic Hero. Unlike all the other levels of rarity, there is only one specific Mythic Hero per class. So while there are multiple different characters in Fornite that can share the same rarity and class, Mythic Heroes are the exception to the rule. This also means that the math here should already start giving you an idea of just how rare these heroes are. There are only four Mythic Heroes in the entire game.

The way to get Mythic Heroes is simple but you’ll just have to be patient because there is no way to cheat the system on this. You’ll just have to keep progressing through the game and completing missions to earn pinatas. As the system and the name suggests, getting a Mythic Hero is an extremely rare occasion in Fortnite and it may take a while. One Reddit user claimed to have spent $1,500 on pinatas before finally getting one Mythic Hero. So Fortnite will certainly be a game that tests your patience.

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