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Fortnite: What Mist Monsters Are and Where to Find Them


Fortnite: What Mist Monsters Are and Where to Find Them

What Mist Monsters Are and Where to Find Them in Fortnite

In the first few hours you spend with Fortnite you’ll find that defending a certain point is a pretty easy task. You often don’t need many traps or a complicated fort. Just throw up a few low walls just in case and you’ll pretty much be able to handle the swarm of zombies with sheer fire power and melee attacks. At a certain point, however, things change quite a bit. That’s because you will have to start dealing with Mist Monsters.

These creatures are a particularly dangerous group of husks in Fortnite that specialize in ways to ruin your mission. The different types of Mist Monsters are smashers, takers, blasters, and flingers. Essentially, whenever you run into a powerful enemy that’s blue or purple in color you have stumbled upon a Mist Monster. So here’s what they all do:

  • Smashers: These are large tank-like monsters that are ready to come for your fort’s defenses. These massive mist monsters will run right for your fort like they want nothing more than to make it to the NFL when their Fortnite days are over. They ultimately smash through your fort’s walls and create an opening for husks to pour through if you aren’t careful.
  • Takers: The name isn’t necessarily the most fitting in this case. While smashers clearly get their name from the fact that they will smash through your defenses, takers don’t actually steal anything. Well, unless you’re counting the HP you’ll see get snatched away by these creatures. Takers are zombie enemies in Fortnite that target a player from long distance before rushing them and causing a pretty decent amount of damage. These flying Mist Monsters can also open portals and slip through walls just in case you thought running inside the fort would be a safe haven.
  • Flingers: These Mist Monsters do exactly what you think—they throw things. More specifically, they throw husks. Flingers can be pretty problematic because they will actually scoop up their zombie companions and fling them towards your fort in order to cause extra damage.
  • Blasters: These are tall zombies with glowing eyes that shoot lasers. If they are close enough they will start shooting the beams at players for moderate damage. Keep in mind, however, that getting hit with multiple shots will quickly leave you scrambling for health.

At a certain point in Fortnite you will see a passive mission become activated that asks you to kill a certain amount of Mist Monsters. While taking them out will be the real challenge, finding enough of them can be just as frustrating without a good strategy. Mist Monsters start to appear during higher level missions so all you really have to do is reach a level where Mist Monsters are actively popping up throughout Fortnite. At that point your best bet is to take on an encampment mission as multiple Mist Monsters tend to appear as you try to clear the husk encampment. Multiple Mist Monsters are also likely to appear while you’re defending a particular point against a wave of husks.

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