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Fortnite: How to Get Hero Cards


Fortnite: How to Get Hero Cards

How to Get Hero Cards in Fortnite

There are four main classes of heroes available to play in Fornite. You have your Soldier Class, which is the well rounded hero who gives a major boost to your ranged offense. The Ninja Class focusing on melee combat while also having more maneuverability than other classes in the game. The Constructor Class being your go-to class if you want to build impressive and impenetrable forts with tons of perks and bonuses that make your structure a real challenge for husks. And finally there’s the Outlander Class who excels at gathering resources and has a variety of perks to ensure they’re always getting the best finds while out on the field.

To really play Fortnite right you’ll probably find yourself using each of the hero classes at some point in the game, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a well balanced team. While Fortnite has four hero classes, however, there are far more than four playable characters. There are a variety of different characters that belong to each class, but you’ll just have to go out and get them all. You do this through hero cards. Throughout Fortnite you will collect hero cards that give you the option to play as new heroes. At the moment, there is only one way to get these hero cards.

To collect hero cards you’ll simply need to make sure you’re whacking those llamas. Instead of loot crates or other standard types of drops you’ll see in other games, Fortnite showcases its personality by having you whack llama piñatas to get extra item drops in the game. Hero cards can be found inside the piñatas, which you’ll have to earn by completing missions and advancing in the game.

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