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Fortnite: How to Find & Destroy Husk Encampments

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Fortnite: How to Find & Destroy Husk Encampments

How to Find & Destroy Husk Encampments in Fortnite

Fortnite offers a variety of different missions, quests, and tasks for players to accomplish throughout the game. At a certain point, that will include asking the player to find and destroy encampments. Just in case you didn’t already assume this by the name, you’ll want to stock up on ammo before you head out to search for it though. Rest assured there will be tons of Husks, Fortnite’s word for zombies, waiting for you once you arrive.

So how exactly do you find the encampments? They are dropped randomly on the map but that doesn’t mean you won’t have any clues on how to get to one. You’ll want to look up towards the sky and see if you can spot what essentially looks like a beam shooting up towards the clouds. This is where you will find your encampment during missions that require you to do so. In some cases the encampments have actually been marked on the map as well although this wasn’t always the case.

What exactly the encampment looks like might catch you off guard a bit. Don’t expect something incredibly massive like an actual campsite. Instead you will find a very small structure that is literally about the size of an outhouse. What does help make the structure stand out a bit is the fact that it will have a purple hue around it along with a few sleeping Husks standing outside. At this point the encampment is considered dormant. All you have to do is step too close or fire away at the sleeping guards in order to activate the encampment.

Once the encampment is active, a wave of husks will come after you. All you have to do now is clear the encampment by fending off your undead enemies. Once you have cleared the wave, the encampment itself will crumble and officially be considered destroyed.

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