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Fortnite: How to Activate and Complete Epic Troll Stash Side Quest


Fortnite: How to Activate and Complete Epic Troll Stash Side Quest

How to Activate and Complete the Epic Troll Stash Side Quest in Fortnite

If you spend a little time with Fortnite you’ll come to find that not every side quest or task shows up in the menu in the top right corner of your screen. There is more to do in each zone than meets the eye so you will want to make sure you make exploring a priority. Not only for the sake of discovering new materials but also for the sake of activating additional side quests. This is exactly how you will get your chance to complete the Epic Troll Stash quest and get some pretty nice loot for your trouble.

This bonus quest automatically becomes available when you go to pick up some BluGlo and are instead met with a cynical cackle. Turns out there is a troll here and it’s having fun toying with you. The good news is that putting a stop to his taunting is actually pretty simple and entertaining. You will essentially find yourself in a game of whack-a-mole or, a more accurate description, whack-a-troll. Take out your pickaxe and get to swinging every time the troll pops his head up above the ground. Once you finally hit him enough he will automatically vanish and your prize will appear instead. This is typically some bonus BluGlo along with a gift for each of the players on the map regardless of if they actually helped you out or not. Collect your present, let your teammates know that there is some loot for them too (or not, it’s your call), and go on about your merry way.

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