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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get the Steam-Powered Gobwalker G-VII Minion


Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get the Steam-Powered Gobwalker G-VII Minion

Goblin cuteness.

Getting the Steam-powered Gobwalker G-VII Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

The Steam-powered Gobwalker G-VII is a minion that you can acquire in Final Fantasy XIV. However, it’s not tied to any of the MSQs or side quests, and you’ll have to put in quite a bit of work if you want this minion for your collection.

First off, the Steam-powered Gobwalker can only be obtained through crafting. More specifically, you’ll need to have a level 60 Armorer if you want to craft it. You can craft it with the following ingredients: Ice Shard x 99, Gobwalker Shielding x 3, Stuffed Goblin x 1, Garlean Steel Plate x 2, Glazenut x 1, Dawnborne Aethersand x 1. Once you’ve acquired all of the necessary ingredients, you’ll be able to craft it, and the minion will be yours.

Alternatively, you could also pay another player with a level 60 Armorer to craft the Steam-powered Gobwalker for you. Most crafters will require you to bring them the materials, as well as a certain amount of Gil. You could also try your luck on the Marketboard, but be warned that it’ll likely be sold at exorbitant prices, depending on your server.

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